Saturday, July 23, 2011

Timeless Summer Makeup

Summer is our favorite time of the year. Yet, with heat and humidity summer makeup can be au natural or more high maintenance. Here's tips to help you look amazing while having fun in the sun:
  • After applying sunscreen, use a mineral powder foundation or a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation
  • Conceal any blemishes with concealer and immediately use powder to set it
  • With humidity, skip powder on the rest of your face because it can get cake-y
  • For oil or shine on the face, use blotting papers that has no mineral oil because mineral oil could clog your pores and cause breakouts
  • For your eyes, go waterproof with eyeshadow, liquid liner, and eye liner
  • Complete your eyes with a waterproof mascara
  • If you are tan, use a blush instead of a cream blush because it will not last long in the heat. If you are protecting your skin with a hat and sunscreen, use a bronzer on top of your forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin
  • Go for a a tinted lip balm or sheer (or bold) lipstick

Photo:; Info: thebeautydepartment

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