Saturday, November 19, 2011

Attention ALL blogger, youtubers, and facebook fan pages!

Hi Everyone! I've been receiving a lot of requests for giveaways, sponsorships. and/or reviews of our products. I have decided to give this opportunity to all of you beauty lovers. I will be kicking PBC up a notch in 2012 so I would love to hear some honest opinions from you beauty guru's. I will randomly select a few reviewers for 2012 and you will be notified via email or private message. Please do understand I can not select every person who is interested and do not ask if i have received your message. As long as you respond below with your blog, youtube, or fb fanpage/links, I will consider it and contact you in the near future. You must abide by PBC's rules or you will not be allowed to review our products. I'm a fair, honest, & generous person. Please remember this is all for business purposes. Here are the rules:

1) Your blog,youtube,& fb fan page MUST have a minimum of 500+ followers & be BEAUTY related. ( exceptions can be made)
2) Your review must be done within 2 weeks from the day you receive the products.
3) You ARE required to do a video and post it on youtube. If you don't do videos a blog is the other option.
4) Opinion must be honest ( good and bad), detailed, & thorough
5) NO profanity or vulgarity is allowed. Please keep it Professional.
6) Review must be ONLY PBC's product and no other company. Must link back to our page:
7) Open to U.S. residents ONLY. Sorry International folks & be 18 years or older,
8) Must notify me via email when the review will be posted
9) You must LIKE our page

In return for your time and honesty, I will send you FULL size products to review. I will randomly select these items. Please remember to be honest and keep it professional. Thank You!  Serious Inquiries only.

- Lilly

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