Monday, December 13, 2010

Pink Blossom Lash Giveaway!

Hello All! Since facebook does not allow giveaways on their page we had to resort to blogging.

We have a few lashes left and would like to give these away . Once we receive 100 likes on facebook we will draw 1 winner to receive the lashes for FREE! 

 In order to be entered in the drawing, you must:

1) Comment below with your facebook name

2) Subscribe to this blog

3) "Like" us on facebook

It's that easy! Do let your friends know as well. =) Note: This is only valid in the U.S. only.

Thank You ALL!

-Lilly, Pink Blossom Cosmetics

P.s. Let me know what else you would like to see on this blog and on Pink Blossom's fb page? Would you like to see makeup looks, tutorials, reviews, brand name discount links, etc? Please let me know.


Youa Vang said...

Sounds exciting! I would def. enter in this contest!

Facebook Name: youavang22
I already subscribed and 'liked' you on FB.

Vy said...

1) facebook name: phammy19 (vy pham)
2) done :)
3) done :D

I would love to see tutorials/make up looks using make up from pink blossom along with reviews. This makes me think of the blog temptalia but with where we can buy your make up :D

Z♥ey said...

1) Zoua Yang
2) done
3) done

I would definitely love to see tutorials. =)

Pink Blossom Cosmetcs said...

Thanks so much for your feedback ladies.

We appreciate it!

tina said...

1.tina yang (tna yaj)

I would like to see more review and buyers review on your products.


Mee said...

1) Mee Melayna VangXiong
2) Subscribed!!!!!
3) Already 'like' on fb :D

Kong said...

1. Superawsomecool chong [Chong Yang]
2. Subscribed
3. Already liked on facebook :)

BTW: Kong is my Boyfriend & we use the same e-mail account.